Snowy Forest

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6 weeks of snow, sweat and fun...

Snowy Forest

join us for 6 weeks over the 2020/21 winter season for a snowshoe run.  learn new trails, compete against your friends and meet other awesome people. the full series includes 6 weeks of snowshoe runs at locations to be announced within the blue mountains. each week will vary between 6-10km. the winter series is free! no registration necessary, just join our strava club and social media 

where? it's a surprise

when? weather dependent and announced at the start of the week

why? why not

how many times can you snowshoe run/walk the course? unlimited!

PLEASE READ: How to be prepared for your snowshoe

You will be outside for extended periods of time depending on the pace you are running, without access to a warming place, please be prepared in the following ways:

  1. Layering of clothing is most suitable so that you can remove layers if you get too warm. Polyester or Wool are recommended for their ability to wick moisture and perspiration away from the body and to retain insulating values even when wet. 

  2. Check the weather report before the outing to ensure you are wearing appropriate gear for the conditions. A cell phone is NOT an adequate safety plan. Plan for additional warmth if you get lost. 

  3. Recommendation for how to dress when heading out:

  •  Long underwear or thermal-wear, tops and bottoms to act as a base layer.

  •  Snow pants

  •  Long sleeve T-shirt or light sweater

  •  Heavy sweater

  •  Winter jacket

  •  Wool socks

  •  Mitts/Winter gloves

  •  Toque

  •  Waterproof, winter rated, insulated boots.

4. What to bring:

  •  Snacks or fuel depending on length expected run, time of day and your dietary requirements.

  •  A drink. If you are bringing water or another cold drink, put some thought into how you will keep it from freezing if the temperatures are very cold. A good trick is to put your hose close to your body.


  • A backpack

  1. Be sure that your snowshoes are well maintained and in good working condition prior to showing up. 

  2. Complete your signed waiver form with you to submit. You will not be able to participate without it. 

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